Here at MFD, we carry this range of Kitaya sake:

  • Kitaya Premium Tokubetsu Junmai
    Kitaya Gin No Sato
    Kitaya 50% Migaki

Let’s have a quick review.

The Kitaya brand of sake is from the prefecture of Fukuoka in the region of Kyushu. This is the southern most region of Japan.

The Kitaya Junmai Ginjyo (Pleasureful Family) Sake is one of the wine gems of the world. This is a pure sake made from 60% Yamada Nishiki and 40% Yume Ikkon sake rice from the Tsukushi Plains in the Yama Region. It is mild, mellow and deliciously aromatic. This sake is best served chilled or on the rocks.

Tokubetsu Junmai Kitaya Premium

We featured this flawless sake sometime back in September 2019. It’s still one of our all-time favourites.

It’s light and heady texture make this a drink you do not need an excuse to have – with or without the accompaniment of food.

If you’re looking to pair it with a bite, do so with Japanese food. Its mellow and fruity taste will provide just the right taste-mix to enhance your experience.

Kitaya Gin No Sato

The Kitaya Gin No Sato’s dry, light, and crisp taste is an impeccable companion for a warm evening (and that’s just about almost most evenings). This is best served chilled in a wine glass.

Kitaya 50% Migaki

The strangeness of the brand name (50%) is derived from the grains of rice – the Yamada Nishiki and Omachi – that has been polished down to 50%.

As with the first 2 varieties – Kitaya Gin No Sato and Tokubetsu Junmai Kitaya Premium – the Kitaya 50% Migaki has a fruity aroma, light and crisp, dry, and perfect for some casual whispers with your date.