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Pretty Sakes In A Row

Here at MFD, we carry this range of Kitaya sake: Kitaya Premium Tokubetsu Junmai Kitaya Gin No Sato Kitaya 50% Migaki Let’s have a quick review. The Kitaya brand of sake is from the prefecture of Fukuoka in the region of Kyushu. This is the southern most region of Japan. The Kitaya Junmai Ginjyo (Pleasureful […]

Sake – Origins

No one knows where sake originated from. The earliest known production happened in China around 500 BC. It was crude with villages chewing and spitting rice and nuts into the tub to be stored and left to ferment. Reports indicate that the enzymes produced as a result of the saliva helped in the fermentation process. […]

White Sake Part 3

Sake is a drink for the sophisticates who appreciate and recognise fine liquor. The story of the White Sake (the concluding part below) tells of how only the wise and humble are able to savour the richness of the white sake. While this fable is clear in its lessons, an overarching truth we may take […]

White Sake Part 2

The Story of the White Sake Beginning of Part 2 Thinking always of his father, Koyuri unslung his gourd, reported his father’s illness, and begged for saké. The red man took the gourd, and filled it. After expressing gratitude, Koyuri ran off delighted. ‘Here, father, here!’ said he as he reached his hut: ‘I have […]

White Sake

(…) there lived one Yurine, a man of poor means even for those days. He loved saké wine, and scarcely ever spent a day without drinking some of it. Yurine lived near the place which is now called Sudzukawa, a little to the north of the river known as Fujikawa. On the day which followed […]

The Bliss

Good day, I could easily write a blog on sake but there are so many other good sites on this luscious drink. And in truth, I could never describe sake the way some of them do. But if I’m not going to write about sake on a platform that promotes -and sells – the wine, […]